The 21st Century RSVP

While you attempt to stay within your invitation budget and still snag those fancy letterpress invites, one thing you may want to consider is the online rsvp option. Reply cards and corresponding envelopes usually cost hundreds of dollars (unless you are taking a pair of scissors to construction paper yourself and praying for the best!) Besides the cost factor (some of these websites are actually free), the customization options are practically endless. Plus, you don't have to deal with back-and-forths of proofing with the printer...you can edit these babies without anyone else's help.

AnRsvp.com is especially user-friendly and allows your guests to not only fill out their meal preferences, but you can customize the "Notes" field to include anything you want. For example, you can change the title of this field to "Song Requests" and then have your DJ play the songs at the reception. The wonderful people behind AnRsvp.com are also super friendly and completely open to suggestions for new rsvp features you might have to improve their site. And did I mention that the website transfers all the guest responses into a single chart that you can export into Excel to keep track? Best of all, this site is completely free.

While subscribers to outdated etiquette standards may frown upon including a URL on your invitation, modern wedding planners are moving farther away from this mindset and even encourage brides-to-be to put their wedding website info on their invite. If you take this route, you can then direct your guests to the online RSVP provider of your choice straight from your wedding site. Really, how did brides function before the internet?

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