Ice-ing on the Cake

Whether you are a Barbie wielding preteen or a nine time divorceé, chances are you find yourself googling "engagement ring" on occasion (or every day during your lunch break). Yet despite the convenience of internet searches, would you really entrust something as important and valuable as an engagement ring or wedding band purchase to the dangerous clutches of the wide world web?

While online diamond prices may seem appealling, there is, more often than not, a reason behind this. Without the ability to self inspect the stones, you are placing a great deal of trust in the online vendor. Return policies for online jewelry stores can be deceiving, and even though you think you may be getting a great deal, there is no way to know for sure- or is there? While you may be familiar with certain popular internet-only jewelry stores such as Blue Nile or Ice, you may not have heard of James Allen.

Unlike other sites, James Allen allows you to view the actual diamond you are considering in microscopic detail. You can glide over the diamond image with a magnified pointer and actually see the inclusions and color disparities. Also, the certificates of authenticity are available for viewing online, so you can see which diamond grader was used and how accurate the listed diamond details are. As some of you may know, IGI grading tends to be a little less stringent than GIA, and with this feature, you can see the accuracy of the grading yourself.

Perhaps even the best feature of James Allen is that it is near impossible to find a negative review of their service and quality. Customers rave about the company (and not just on their site's feedback section).

If you have yet to purchase those wedding bands or are thinking of proposing, check out this site. In terms of convenience, it doesn't get much easier than online jewelry shopping, and now you don't have to worry about the integrity of the product.

The Veiled Blogger